External DVD or internal with Case (replacement of a 3540+Case)




I bought an external dvd burner made of a Nec 3540 and an Advance BX-Combo (apparently same as a BX-509U but with firewire support) for the enclosure. But the whole passed out 2 or 3 months ago. I suspect the case here, considering the fact that the drivers was still able to burn while I was beginning to have some problems with the drive being disconnected.
Today, I finally decided to call the hotline of the shop where I bought it (RueDuCommerce for french people, if there are any here ). Since they don’t make/sell (yes both parts were assembled by them) this model, they will give me a refund to spend one their website.

So I’ll have around 90€ (or $ approx) to spend. I started to see what they offer, and I found some models. I’m ready to spend a bit more into it.

Currently, I would have to choose between several models :

  • HP 840e => 104€
  • LG GSA-2166D => 80€
  • LiteOn 1673SU (well if it’s a better choice) => 125€

(internal with an enclosure)

  • NEC 4550A => 45.50€ (no kidding )
  • LG 4167 => 44€
  • NEC 4551A => 47€
  • Lite-On SHM-165P6S-09C (don’t know it)

As for the enclosure, I was thinking of :

  • Advance BX-509U (don’t know the chip)
  • Advance BX-Combo (same as before => Oxford Chip)
  • ThermalTake Muse A2293

I always burn Verbatim media, so quality won’t be a problem.

Do you have any good advice ?


I would pick 2166D from this list, it’s a good performer, a good-looking drive, and the low price makes it simply irresistible.


No love for the NEC’s…Interesting. LOL


The external LG is just USB 2.0, so it depends if you want also firewire connection ( as I do).

No ref about the USB chips in the enclosure?
There were some discussions around about chipsets/recording speed, so look at it if this is important and you require the drive can do 16x or close to it.

THe drive you have to choose. I got the NEC 4551 - no problems so far
By the time I bought it I looked also at the LGs, and some people said to me that they got technical problems (requiring after sales repair) - but it eas just that, people’s opinion, no personal confirmation.
Therefore it is not so easy to formulate a sound recommendation.


Don’t unerstand what you mean. Do you want to say you think NEC are no good ? ^^

Well Agomes, at the moment, the problem is that the only firewire capable enclosure the shop has is the advance one which looks a lot like mine that had crap oxford chips (well for my notebook at least). Firewire was then slower than USB (obtained 19M burst on USB, whereas only 14M on FW). I don’t know whether the problem is only the chip of the enclosure, or the controller of my notebook being crap too (don’t know its name, “generic” I think). Well the shop sells generic enclosures too, but I don’t know which chip they have so …

By the way, the thermaltake has a Cypress AT2+ chip in it. Oh and here the prices (forgot them sorry).

As for the enclosure, I was thinking of :

  • Advance BX-509U (don’t know the chip) => 29.95€
  • Advance BX-Combo (same as before => Oxford Chip 911 and another oxford (910 I think)) => 43.40€
  • ThermalTake Muse A2293 => 58.54€

Well they offer some Icy Box enclosure too, but I heard they are crap, so I didn’t bother mentioning them (plus, they’re quite expensive : 41.45€ USB only and 70.47€ USB/FW).

Edit : Yeah find where I heard Icy Box were crap, on “The big enclosure thread”. I thought so but couldn’t find my post in it until now ^^. IB use Oxford + ALI if they didn’t change since late May 2005.


Nope. I was just surprised NEC was not a recommendation because they are good ones and cheap too.

Stay away from that chip. It’s total crap!!!


Ok, I agree ^^

Well seems like I can choose between crap and crap (about the enclusures I mean) if I go for an internal burner with an enclosure. Well it narrows the choice ^^ Still HP 840e, LG 2166 and LiteOn SOHW-1673SU left.
Too bad, I like Nec drives.


Hmm interesting, my brother who bought an external burner made by the shop (based on their cheapest enclosure and a nec 3550) told me the chip in the enclosure (which is made by Heden anyway) is a PL-3507 (05208A).
That brings back the interest in building the whole system, instead of buying an external one (LG2166D I think).
By the way, the shop seems to sell (well soon) Nec 4571A. What about it against the other. I saw it’s a new hardware but has good comments on it.