External dvd drives

just a question as to what is the best for backing up dvd movies onto a blank dvd.
have heard a few things thrown around like,
-dvd burner
-dvr burner
-dvd rom
so if someone could shed light onto them as to what each one is and the best to use for a new external drive.
thanks shane

DVD burner refers to a drive that can burn data/video to blank dvds. All modern burners can use +R or -R media, and they can use both single and double layer disks. Some can use DVD-Ram media, though this doesn’t seem to be a very popular choice due to the cost of the blank disks.

Not sure what dvr burner might be. DVR usually signifies a digital video recorder, so perhaps a replacement drive for such a machine?

DVDRom (when speaking about drives) signifies a computer drive that can only read dvds and cds, but cannot burn anything. DVDRom when applied to disks means a commercially made dvd that cannot be written to, only read.

Are you looking for a drive to fit into an external case that you already have? Or would you like a pre-made external dvd burner like this example: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827151194

ok thanks for that.
just looking for a pre made external one.
any suggestions on brands, benq asus so forth.
thanks shane

External writers are out of my experience. One of our moderators recommends LG external drives quite often, but you can probably find more info in our subforum for dvd drives: http://club.myce.com/f61/

I would think any from one of the major manufacturers would be fine these days. LG, Lite-on, Samsung, etc.