External DVD Drive for IMac-Intel 20inch - CoreDuo 2.0gHz?



Hi all

I am currently using a new IMac Intel (20 inch Apple Imac Core Duo 2.0 gHz) with an internal MatshitaDVD-R UJ-846 Rev. FB2U/MMC-3, and since I am
having problems to burn DVDs at more than 2X…I would like to get a new external firewire DVD drive, for burning DVDs at more than 8X!!

I am interested in the Memorex 32023288 DVD Double-Layer Recorder 16x16 Dual Format External Drive (USB2+Firewire):


I woul graettly appreciate if anyone in the forum could recommend me or know of any brand between US$60.00 - US$100.00?

Thanks again for your help!