External DVD DL Burner

Hello All,
This is my first post and new to this forum.
I’m looking for a good external DVD Dual Layer burner for use in my laptop. So far I’ve come across

  1. Lacie D2 model# 300759U. I don’t know if this is a good one to get or if there is a better one. For price…i don’t mind paying around $200.
    Please let me know if any of the gurus from this forum knows of a good one to recommend.

Hey JB
Ever thought about buying an internal drive with an external USB2.0 case? Could save at least $100.00. Just an F.Y.I. IMHO that’s the way to go.


hey mark,
Well, i only have a laptop, don’t have a way to put the internal drive on my laptop. If what you’re referring to allows the same effect as external drive…then that’s excellent. Can u give me more info regarding this?

thanks for all your help.

Hey JB…
Yes this will work perfect for a Laptop. It’s called an external drive enclosure. You can put all types of drives in them including ahrd drives. Lots of places have them for $20 to $30. I have seen them as low as $15 but you need to shop for that price. surpluscomputers.com has them now for $22.99. That and apprx. $65 from newegg.com for a great drive and your in business at less than $100. As far as the drive I’m talking Liteon, NEC, or Pioneer for that price + or - a couple of bucks pending the day you get it. A lot of the time they even have free shipping and if not, it’s minimal of maybe $4.00. Hope this helps and good luck.


There are very good External USB 2.0 DVD DL Burners. Some examples of companies with a lot of experience in the field of external devices:

  1. www.freecom.com (Classic DVD+/-RW 16x Double Layer).
    2. http://www.iomega.com/na/products/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=17981409&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=6981345&ASSORTMENT%3C%3East_id=63191&bmUID=1100786567939

Hey Mark,
You amazed me with your ideas…never thought it can be done…anyways…by doing what you’re doing…I’m assuming it’ll be slower than if it were installed in the computer itself instead of putting it in the enclosure and connected via USB2.0. Do you know or experience if buying the internal drive and putting in enclosure be slower/faster than buying an external burner (assuming USB 2.0 or firewire)? Compatibility issue concerns?
Does it look cumbersome?

thanks for your help.

Hey Alex,
I just checked those and they’re almost top of the line drives…hence the price. I’m looking for an average drive so that I can upgrade later when say HD burner are available, etc. That way i can justify for the upgrade.

thanks for the links.

Hey JB…
You may be a tad slower with firewire versus USB2.0. As far as difference between internal and USB I haven’t noticed any difference and if there is, it’s minimal at best. Size wise depends on Mfg. but they aren’t much larger than an actual drive itself. For sure smaller than any manufactured external drive that I have seen. surpluscomputers.com has pictures of theres so you can get an idea from them. I believe newegg also shows the devices on their site. Hope this helps but like I said, it’s still at least $100.00 cheaper and I like cheaper when it doesn’t degrade quality.


Hey JB…
Once again going this route you don’t have to sacrafice in a lesser drive. When I say approx. $100.00 or less for the package, that’s with a top quality drive also. As far as compatability, as long as you have a USB2.0 port, there aren’t any issues.:bigsmile: