External DVD/CD Writers - What to get?



Hello. I’m looking for an external dvd/cd writer. I don’t have a wide selection of models where I live so I need to pick one from the following list:
Pioneer Dvr-x162q
Pioneer Dvr-xd09
Lg Ge20lu10
Samsung Se-s084c

Some of them are slim models, but I don’t need portability, what I really care about is burning quality. I’ve searched for reviews but I couldn’t find anything precise about burning quality so I could choose between them. What would you recommend?

Thank you!


I’d get the first one listed.




the other option would be the GE20LU10.
And you don’t want an external slim drive at all.



Thank you for your answers. Why would you recommend the Pioneer Dvr-x162q over the LG Ge20lu10? I couldn’t find reviews about their burning quality. I can’t decide between them…


Huh, I just searched and found this sentence on “hxxp://www.productwiki.com/pioneer-dvr-x162q/”.

The only drawback to the Pioneer DVR-X162Q is that it works strictly with [B]Microsoft [U]Office[/U] operating systems[/B]; it offers zero support for Macintosh systems.

Isn’t that great?! :smiley:

Anyway, check out some “Pioneer DVR-216” reviews because thats the drive into this external usb case.


Microsoft OFFICE. haha

That information has been very useful. It seems that with the latest firmwares the dvr-216 drive does very good burns with tyg02/03 media (the ones I use). The first results were a bit disappointing.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find scans from CD burns with updated firmwares. I have to decide according to what I read because I don’t own a drive that can make reliable scans. Anyway, I think this is probably the best burner I can get here.


[QUOTE=Orcrist;2504683]Anyway, I think this is probably the best burner I can get here.[/QUOTE]:iagree: Go for it. These Pioneers are excellent CD and DVD writers. There are some users here, that would kill for a brand new x16 Pioneer :smiley:



Thank you! I’ll probably buy it soon. I couldn’t find any dvr-162q firmware update: http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/content/support/support/software.html#fdvdwriter

Is that because there isn’t any or because it’s really a dvr-216 (so I should use that one)?


Firmware should appear here first: http://wwwbsc.pioneer.co.jp/product-e/ibs/device_e/dev00001r_e.html#firmware1