External Dvd burner

My friend recently gave me an external burner as my internal one died. I have no experience with externals, but anyway…

I attempted to plug it in for the first time tonight and the power adapter sparked and started smoking, causing the curcuits to trip in my apartment. The adapter looks like it’s a generic one. I have no way of contacting my friend because he’s out of the country for a few weeks. Anyway, I just would like to know if there is a chance it damaged the burner itself and what might have caused the adapter to smoke.

If the adapter started to smoke, than there are few things which could be wrong.
Adapter is for a different voltage or frequency.
Adapter is defective( short inside).
Adapter is for different equipment and your burner draw too many amps for that adapter rating.
If there was a smoke and circuit breaker tripped, it will be hard to say that nothing happened to the burner.
Only way to be sure is to get a correct adapter and see.
If the adapter was for different voltage, than must likely burner is gone.

I live in a remote area and of course, they did not have the adapter for the burner in stock, so I ordered one. At least I know it will be the correct adapter this time. I’d really love to ask my friend more information about the adapter and burner, but he’s out of the country for a few weeks.

From my own research, I discovered that adapter was a general purpose one and not specifically for a burner.

If that is the case , you might be lucky and burner is still OK.