External Dvd Burner

Can everyone keep an eye out and let me know when you see a good deal on a good external DVD burner. Looking for a burner that is good at ripping; not necessarily the fastest.

Thanks in advance.


Officemax had the IO Magic external burner on clearance for $59.99 and with a $20 off $50 coupon you can get it for $39.99. A buddy of mine got a Benq 1655 in his.

Just a note of clarification, the model that was on clearance would say 16x on the box. The ones that say 18x are the new models and are not on clearance.

My I/O Magic said 16X on the box and had a Samsung 18X Lightscribe drive in it.

same here it was Samsung SH-182M

Where can I get this OM coupon?

Bestbuy has the Pioneer External for $59.99, Frys has Samsung external for $59.99