External DVD Burner: Which to Buy?

Hi Guys!

I am gonna get an external DVD burner for work. Cost is not an issue. I want something that is good for data backup and video recording (so I was leaning to DVD+R) but also want it to backup PS2 games for my v7 console (so DVD-R).

I was looking at the latest Sony external combo (DVD +/- RW): DRX510UL, but have heard some bad things about it (ie Toms Hardware).

Does anyone have this drive and comment on it, or lead me to some reviews? Or any other suggestions on which other drive to get? I want a proper external, not an internal with casing.

Any help will be much appreciated,



Woody,if you can find it,get the Pioneer 106/A06 in the external version. IT’s really the best writer right now…Good Luck…:cool:

So this Pioneer (DVR-S606: external version of A06) is really better than the Sony DRX 510UL (external version of DRU510A). Note the Pioneer has only 2 mB buffer, but the Sony has 8mB.

I guess the question overall is: which is better, the Sony DRU 510A or the Pioneer A06?



What about the Plextor PX-708UF? Any comments on this drive?

The Sony is a little picky about media (as I am told, never used it myself). The Plextor is a fast drive, but it’s media compatibility is somewhat questionnable, as well as it’s writing quality.

The Pioneer has a very good media compatibility and writing quality. If you’d do a search on our forums, you’ll see that this has been proved several times… :wink:

As Dee-ehn pointed out, the Sony has issues with cheap media,a problem Pioneer just doesn’t have. As for the Plextor,my brother in Florida has one,and it suffers from the same affliction,it doesn’t
like cheap media,so again,get the A06/106

Thanks for the advice guys,.

Bought the A06. I’ll let you know how it goes…

I’ll let you know how it goes…

As per above, I have had no problems with the Pioneer I bought, likes all media, and play PS2 DVD backups fine.

The external drive is sooo quiet! Can’t here a peep out of it when ripping or burning.

Once again, thanks for your advice guys, I am very happy with my purchase.

Furay/ woody.