External DVD burner -OR- External Enclosure Kit + Internal DVD burner

I’m Dave and I’m new.
I want to buy a new external DVD dl burner. I have a laptop and thus need an external DVD buner. I am considering either:

External DVD dl burner
External Enclosure Kit + Internal DVD dl burner

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am trying to stay cheap (~$100). I notice that External DVD burners are a lot more expensive and to get one at around this price I’d have to get a brand that I’m not so sure about. I have also seen the external kits but are these comparable to other external burners?

This is what I’m considering:
USB2.0 External Enclosure Kit + NEC ND-2510A 8X Dual Layer DVD+/-RW Drive from eWaggle.com for $102.00 [500910P1] (http://www.ewaggle.com/shop/IPS003.asp?ProCd=500910P1&Rat=2).

In addition, I have Nero 6 for burning VCDs. Does this support dual layer?

Thanks for any help.

Welcome aboard Dave!

It’s a fine choice you made there. The 2510 is an excellent burner and with this external enclosure, your wishes will be fulfilled.

Nero 6 supporting dual layer? No problem there: if it wouldn’t support it, you could just download an update for free and enable the feature :).

I have two cautions for you. I have that enclosure for my LiteOn right now. As far as Nero, you’re good. Nero works great, and Nero’s ASPI layer allows for perfect EAC use as well.

However, that enclosure is LOUD. Louder than my entire PC. However, if you slow the fan or kill it, you will get corrupt data should you give the drive a workout. I have some garbled Zeppelin rips from that, and if you do some googling, you may find it is not uncommon.

I will be getting a Plumax enclosure with a Prolific chipset in a few days (www.dealsonic.net). I can’t say it will be an awesome enclosure, but it can’t be much worse.

Cerbie, the link you posted goes to a Webhosting page? What enclosures would you recommend Cerbie?

Whoops–it should be .com

I don’t know what to recommend :(, as I haven’t tried many. So far all I’ve used are the ALi ones like that (same thing Newegg has real cheap as a Bytecc), and Coolmax’s 3.5" USB enclosures (IIRC, Cypress chipsets, but of course HDD only). Once I’m up and running and have ripped several CDs, I’ll see about that Plumax.

Thanks guys for all your help! :slight_smile:
I’ll be looking forward to getting the enclosure, you’ve really belayed some of my fears. I figured it couldn’t be as easy as that, can it?

And btw, good choice? that’s because I’ve been reading the Forums!

Let us know how it works out for you. I’m wanting to try out an external enclosure, but don’t have much(none :bigsmile: ) experience with them.

Hello All,

so what external enclosure did you buy ? and what would you recommend now ?


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What laptop do you have? Could consider a NEC ND-6500A. Its 8x and DL. Goes for $160 on NewEgg. Then sell the old CDRW/DVD-ROM on ebay. Put a ND-5500(4x) in my Presario 2199US. Sold my Teac burner that came with it for $70 on ebay. Much easier to carry around and would be around $100. Took about 15 minutes to put in.