External dvd burner not working after firmware installed



I have an external Pioneer DVD-RW ( DVR-103 ) burner, which connects to my PC via firewire. It worked pretty well when I acquired it (2 months ago) but after installing the firmware it won’t read any dvd disks.

I’m not too familiar with firmware or the inner workings of DVD burners. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Mary Anne


latest FW @ http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?category=4&manufactor=25

u updated to v190 ?


No, I downloaded the firmware from the Pioneer site and judging
from the name, AA03v200.exe, it looks like v20.


but yours is a 103 not A03, no ?


Correct, except that on the Pioneer site, the firmware for A03/103 was the same download. I also notice the same thing on the link you mentioned in your previous message, but that the links for both v1.90 and v2.00 are broken.