*External DVD Burner decision*

Well hello everyone. I am faced with the decision to go with an external and i eliminated my three externals to the HP 940 E, the LG GSA 2166D, and or the Lite-On LH-20A21HX. Just having someone elses imput and what one they would choose out of the three will help make my decision easier. They all are good and very comparable for their price.


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May we ask what you will want to do with the external burner? Is there an emphasis on reading, writing, disc quality scanning, or you just want a good all-rounder.

Emphises well they all have lightscribe all are over 16x on lots of their burning. I want good burn time, quality of burn, lightscribe is awesome but just a bonus feature. Just looking for dependableness, versatileness, features. Just want peoples opinion what they think the best of three is since they are all so comparable

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Ideally, I’d go for a newer LG, the one you picked is an older model. I’ve got the E10N (non-LS, the LS version is the E10L), which I’m really pleased with as it’s a quality burner on good media.

Features like disc quality scanning aren’t offered with LG drives, though.

Saying that, if you’re strictly limited to those three, I’d choose the LiteOn as it’ll support newer media and firmware is still being updated.

LG’s GSA-2166D is an old model, but one of the best in its category. To my experience it is very reliable, including the LS function.

It should be said - though - that the last official, reliable firmware is ver. 1.01 since its release, which means that you might have problems in the future with updating.

so 2 people like the LG so far but are scared because the date. Do the lg’
s have the smart burn and abs technology in them or some comparable technology. From experience of people who have had them are they louder???

ohh so, pretty much, the gsa-10el is the newer version that will continue to get firmware and support.

There are newer ones about I think (have a look in our LG Forum). And mine’s pretty quiet. :slight_smile:

No SmartBurn or anything - they’re quality right out of the box. :wink:

thanks alot

I also seen someone say not to go with the whole hp brand. Hes says the name will lure you and the quality may lack…

Hehe I agree with whoever that was. HPs are usually just drives made by other manufacturers with HP’s name on them (and HP firmware, which often isn’t as good as or updated as much as the real maker’s firmware).

WELL THEN it seems it is down to the lg or the liteon Now which one do i go with. Hehe.

Flip a coin :bigsmile:

how about buying an icy box enclosure and an LG burner and making it youreself not only save some money but also have more fun making it :smiley:

have you considered expanding your horizons to more options of using an internal burner by either an enclosure or usb type adapter, you will have many more to choose from then.

LMAO… and watch on what drive will the coin drop. :bigsmile:

i have a laptop dont want an internal, all i have to say is toshiba satellites are picky sob’s

plus i just bought it and tried everything except soldering

Flip a coin wouldnt that be entertaining…

An external burner is an internal drive in a USB/Firewire box.