External Drives

Hi everyone,

I own a Macbook and am about to get an external DVDRW Drive for it but don’t know what to get…

I can’t find any reviews anywhere for the Lite On LH-201APX, is it the same as the 201AP, just external???

And I was worried about the Samsung SE-S184M have the -R read issue of the previous ones…

Can anyone help, I am confused!!


This nothing else but a SH-S182M in an external enclosure, so it might be affected by that issue. In that case, you’d have to apply the “CDfreaks edition” of SH-S182M firmware.


Hi Paul-Michel,

I also own a MAC (IMac-Intel 20inch - CoreDuo 2.0gHz), and also would like to get an external Firewire-USB2 DVDRW Drive…

I think I will get the Memorex 32023288 DVD Double-Layer Recorder 16x16 Dual Format External Drive from Amazon.com:

I am aware that may be this is not the best external DVD drive available, but is the cheeper and best performance for the price…and there are various good reviews online:


I also would like to recommend you a program called patchburn from http://www.patchburn.de/, that apparently allows many, otherwise unsupported external burners to be used directly with Mac-OS X…


Well, I went and ordered the Samsung…I will avoid the -R problem by simply using +R discs!!! :slight_smile: (or have I missed something?)

I think its a good looking drive, which is important for external and the reviews seemed good.

Bosco, thanks for the link! I will check it out!