External Drive Question



I’ve been looking for a 500 GB external hard drive for some time now, but every one of them has complaints from users that they burn out.

They may work great in the beginning, but a few weeks/months down the road and they fry. :sad:

I’ve seen posts saying the best bet is to separately buy an internal hard drive and an external case with fan and then to just put the internal drive into the case yourself. Apparently, this is the only way to get an external case that has a fan and therefore cools the drive enough for it to last a reasonable amount of time.

I’m a novice when it comes to hardware, so I don’t know - is putting an internal drive into an external case yourself a simple plug in type of thing or is it more complex?

Also, I’d appreciate any recommendations on what internal drive and external case (with internal fan) to buy.

Any help is appreciated! :bigsmile:


What connections?
usb, firwire, esata ???


I have had very good long term use out of this case and just about any Seagate drive. I have drives over 4 years old with never a failure.



USB and Firewire would be my preference



Any specific recommendations on the internal drive beyond just “Seagate”? My concern is buying a drive that isn’t compatible with the case.

I’m not familiar with SATA connection (does it require advanced setup on my part? Does it refer to how it connects to the computer or to the drive being put into it?), but USB 2 is good, though I’d like to have a firewire option as well in regard to the case/enclosure.


Just about any Seagate Barracuda will be quality. They all have a 5 year warranty and that is the series I have been with over the years. I have heard that there is a step down series based on the Maxtor drives when they took over the company, but they seem to show up in the external finished drives. SATA would require that your computer have an external SATA connection and these are not hot swappable like USB, although eSATA now is. The cases I linked to above also come in USB only for quite a lot less. That is the way I would go.

See here for a wide range of choices.