External drive enclosures/adapters for linux

Hi, I’m thinking of buying the NEC 2500/2510 or the new 3500 which have very good reviews. I’d prefer not to tie it to one machine.

We have 2 linux desktop machines. One with old redhat 7.1[1] (contrary to popular myth this has a 2.4 kernel and does support usb mass storage - at least an archos external HD, an extrememory card reader and a LaCie data watch all work fine). The other has morphix installed (this may be getting knoppix or mandrake 9 pro when I have some spare time). The other machine is a win XP laptop.

I’m looking for recommendations for an external enclosure or adapter that people have used sucessfully with linux (or war stories of which to avoid). USB is a must. Firewire is a nice to have. A vendor who ships to UK or Belgium woiuld be nice.

[1] it might be upgraded soon to RHEL2/3 as its main purpose is to run a training SAP system and they have recently certified some newer versions.

Hi and be welcome!

Linux? That’s a great choice :).

Anyhow… a friend of mine has this Freecom drive running on a Gentoo 2004 system (using the 2.6 kernel) and it works perfectly… just mount the thing and there you go. He uses the USB port.