External computer fans power

Is there another way to power an external computer fan with the use of a computer power supply, because i am trying to put any sort of cooling device on my game console to lessen the amount of over heating. Any suggestions?

What do you mean by external computer fan. Do you mean running an internal type computer cooling fan from an external source? Any 12v dc current should work. If you mean how to get a pc power supply to power up outside of a computer, check out the dual power supplies thread stickied at the top of this forum.

just look into basment and find old power subly AT … or something should work … or u can even buy something like that at the internet … and u got supply ;]

Radio Shack has loads of cheap 12v power supplies, fans too. I used to use a small 12v blower to cool my audio system. Very quiet and efficient.

i took your advice and checked out radio shack’s things. I looked at their fans but theyre way too expensive. A small 40mm 12vdc fan is 12.99 where as on new egg you can get a better one for 3$. I looked at their adapters and they look alright, but is there an adapter that can power more than one device, in my case more than 1 fan. Im trying to put some fans in my dreamcast which always has heating problems so im trying to find alternatives on cooling it down. My friend said that for computer fans example. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16811998109 you can strip the 4 pin wires and twist them up to make two seperate wires and put that in the power adapter. Does that actually work. Any other cheap and effective ideas?

You’ll find that 40mm fans are mostly very noisy little buggers. That’s why I went with a small blower. If you have room, go with an 80mm Panaflo Low, it’s by far the quietest fan with the best airflow that you can buy, and cheap too.
Any 12v power supply with at least 1 amp rating will run several fans. Many of the 12v supplies are only rated at 250-500 mA, so watch out for that. The Panaflo Low 80mm is rated at 100 mA. I doubt you would need more than 1 or 2 for most any component.

Panaflo fans here

You can get generic dc adapters similar to this.
Places like walmart or target have similar univeral ones and I don’t think they are too expensive. Just make sure it has enough power. 800mA like the one I linked to (just for the picture, I know nothing about this company, just googled it) is 0.8 amps which is about 9.6 watts at 12v (enough to power a few standard 80mm fans or one (maybe two) high power fans.
As mentioned, an old at power supply would work. An atx power supply would work but you would half to wire it up like is talked about in the dual power supply thread stickied in this forum. You can also get generic dc transformers (fry’s carries a few I think). Something like this but smaller and a little cheaper.

since these adapters are really transformers, to increase yoru search, try using the keyword of “trasnformer” and you will see that you will probabaly have more search results on just about any shopping website.

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