External CD-RW

A little history before the question:
I am going to university in the fall and will purchase a laptop before I go. I want to have access to a cd writer capable of reading/writing everything (basically EFM/or a 2+ sheep writer.)

I do not have the laptop yet so I can not comment on the specs of it yet.

First question:

  1. Should I buy an external CDwriter or an internal CDwriter in an external enclosure.

If you say external CDwriter please follow here:
Which model

If you say internal CDwriter in an external enclosure:
Will this have any impact on the life of the cdwriter?
Is this a practical way of doing what I want to do…
Anything I should look for in the external enclosure? (I would like to use 1394 Interface, but USB is ok too).
What internal cdwriter would you go with?

Thanks in advance

Its ok. Thanks to everyone who viewed this thread. I decided to buy a desktop and internal cd burner.