External Cases

Has anyone ever used a external case to make a internal burner into an external burner? I want to buy the pioneer 108 but it only comes internal. So I will need a case to convert OEM to USB. I have a Dell laptop and I am new at this. Does anyone have any advice on what burner I should buy. Does anyone know of a really nice dual layer external burner that has all the options and has firmware updates? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks

There are some really good external USB 2.0 All-In-One DVD burners. They are plug and play, it takes really 5 seconds to make them work. IMO it is advisable to buy a product from a company that has experience with external drives, like Iomega or Freecom. In this respect the main question is what brand of burner is used by these companies in the chosen external DVD burner. (Freecom uses NEC, Lite-On or Toshiba). But that can be determined only after you have bought the product.