External case for the px-708a

i ’ ve already tried two different external boxes ( both usb 2.0 and one with usb 2.0 and firewire ) to put my px708a in it , but nope , no way , the drive is not recognised , tried it in windows 2000 and windows xp ,
my usb 2.0 is a pci card , are there compatibity problems when using usb 2.0 ?
could someone give me some advise or possible sollutions ?
i appreciate any answer ,

thankx ,


Try hooking the drive to another computer… It could simply be that there is a problem with your PCI USB card and that’s why the drive is not recognized. There are no compatibility problems with the Plextor drive and USB 2.0 but make sure your drive is properly installed in its external case! Please report back.

tried it on another computer , nope , i think there is something wrong with the external box , but have to wait a few weeks to get a new one ( bought it on a computer fair ) , anyway , in a few days , i will test the firewire output on a friends laptop to see if that works , i will report later ,

thankx for the response ,

I use my 708A in an external Belkin USB2 box. I have no problems using it at full speed.

There are compatablility problems with some USB2 chipsets & USB2 controllers, I use an nForce 2 mobo and a K8T800 mobo with the Belkin Box.

thanks qwakrz for your reply ,
finally , my external box was tested on a computer fair and is not working at all , i get my money back and try to find a BELKIN , if anyone else knows another external box that is working with the plextor px-708a , please tell me ,

bye ,