External case for Backpack CDRWs?



Hi all:

Okay, this might seem like a strange question out of left field but:

I’m considering putting together my own CDRW external.

I really like the external cases used by Micro Solutions for their
newer CDRW backpack drives.

Does anyone know who makes their cases and how I might be able to find them?


ins. std.disclaimer here


thatswrite has also from those case



Thanks for your help, Mattel.

I’m not so sure that’s the same case as those on the Backpacks. And unfortunately, the photos on That’s Write’s website are so small, I can barely see them. They also don’t list a phone number, which to me means trouble. No pricing either. I’ll try contacting them just the same, though. Thanks again.



no prob m8

still got question about the product you can ask me becuz i use them as well :slight_smile: