External Burners - Freecom, Acer, what to do?

I have an IBM A21p laptop. Looking for an external burner that can do it all. I’ve read many cdfreaks articles (I love this place), checked the CloneCD hardware page, and read about the external options. Since I’m not sure if my built-in DVD can read subchannel data, I was leaning towards a freecom external burner. Otherwise, the Acer MiniRW 6424 was a more economical option. I figured I’d throw this at the experts for a whirl.

Thanks all,

jayce_7@yahoo.com - preferred email.

why don’t you get an external enclosure and a decent burner like a plextor and then you will have something like the lacie external - except better?

Mr C

check this news post out… I don’t know much of sony burners tho, but if I got one I think this would be it.