External burner speed affected by usb1?



hey there, can anyone tell me weather an external burners (max speed 8X) burning speed would be affected by being connected to the pc by a usb1 connection?? It is burning at 0.57X, goddamned slow i can tell you. If i got usb2 ports installed into my pc would this allow the burner to burn at its max speed?? any advice greatly appreciated, cheers


Hi and welcome here,

theoretically - the total bandwidth of USB2 is about 60MB/s


Usb 1 SUCKS, a theroretical maximum bandwith of 11Mbit/s, practical 3 or 4Mbit/s.

Try and borrow a USB 2.0 (PCI) card. Test it if it actually works on in your system, because most USB 2.0 cards suck as well. Then test the writing speed. Theoretical bandwith speed of USB 2.0 is 480Mbit/sec.

Mind you… it says bit… not byte.


It’s all down to the hardware used. How do you know your drive/enclosure is able to burn at 8x?

But, if lucky you even can get a almost 10y old box to burn at 8x via USB2 PCI add-on.

Addind a link to bits/bytes calculator. :bigsmile:


you can us nero cd-dvd speed to do a “burst rate test” to determine how much of that potential bandwidth your burner is able to utilize.

i’ve read that somewhere around 22-24 is required for 16x burning.


Yes, that’s exactly what the problem is.


5x max Cd burning with USB1. So 4x max for CD in normal cases.