External Burner problems

Would anyone have any idea as to why my external Freecom DVD burner doesn’t want to Buns discs? I’m using Nero 6 and can burn CDs on the internal burner in my lappy but when I try to burn CDs on the external unit it gets anything from 30-60% through the process and then just hangs. If I try to burn a DVD, it just stops at 3% with not even the Buffer Level kicking in. It’s driving me up the wall and any help would be most appreciated.

Lappy is an Acer 2305 and the burner is a Freecom Classic 8x and is quite new.

First, try to increase the pagefile: “Control Panel” > “System” > “Advanced” > “Performance” > “Settings” > “Advanced” > “Virtual Memory” > “Settings” > “Custom Size”: here set for “Initial Size”: 1000 MB, for “Maximum Size”: 4000 MB. Finally hit “Set”. Reboot.