External Burner problem

I have a Memorex DVD+/-R 510L v1 and every time i try to put a dvd in it, watching from my computer, it says it’s a cd burner. I don’t have any sort of installation disc with me for it, is there anything I could do?


It is just an ugly and stupid windows flaw.

I can’t ignore it, my burner doesn’t recognize dvds anymore.

do you have another system you can try it on?


Recently I noticed that my memorex external cd/dvd rw writer behaves ad a DVD Ram from the internet explorer.

It is able to recognize previously written cd/dvd without any problem.
However I can’t burn anymore cd/dvd as it says DVD-RAM in internet explorer.
I have tired uninstalling/reinstalling drivers which has not helped.
Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

The DVD-RAM thing is normal if the drive supports it - my LG, LiteOn and Samsung drives show up as DVD-RAM too. :slight_smile:

Does the drive read CD and DVD OK?