External burner not being recognized

I have been using DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter successfully to burn copies of several of my dvds. However, the programs seem to no longer recognize my external dvd burner. I get through all of the steps fine (I think) to the point where I believe it is downloaded to my HD, I just need to transfer it to the blank disc. DVD Shrink finds the file and does its thing then opens DVD Decrypter. However, DVD Decrypter is not recognizing my external DVD burner; it only recognizes my D drive, which is where I had the movie extracted from. I’m at a stand still for what to do now. Please help. Thank you.

A silly question, but is your external burner plugged into the USB/firewire & turned on?

Does windows recognise that the drive is connected and assigns a drive letter?
What is your external drive & case?

If you can, please post a nero INFOLOG (minus your serial number) in Code & /code tags (with [ in front and ] behind each)


Nero info log here

Try to uninstall the external drive first then install USB driver reboot your computer and then reconnect lyour Ext drive and let the windows install the drive.

The external burner is plugged in the USB drive and on. The computer has recognized it as Drive E. However, DVD Decrypter does not recognize a Drive E, only the Drive D the dvd was originally loaded in. The burner is an I/O Magic External DVD ReWritable Drive I purchased through Dell. I am new to all this so I am not sure what the infotag is or what other information you need.

In regard to uninstalling and reinstalling the drive, how would I do that? I do not recall installing it in the first place. I think the computer just automatically recognized it and did everything.

Thank you and sorry if my answers are a bit dumbed down. I am not very technically inclined.

Go to dell web site and look for FAQ they might have a solution to your problem or a download program to operate that external unit. And what is yours O/S version? What media are you using and what is the firmware on that unit? And are you checking to make sure your program option burning to the drive and not to like a image file on your HD?

Also make sure you dont have spyware or malware on your system or a virus. Those sometimes affect backups.

I am using Windows XP.

I have the options set so DVD Shrink puts an ISO file on the HD and then DVD Decrypter picks up that ISO file and burns it to disc. That is how I was using it before and it always worked fine. Then one time it just stopped giving me the option to burn to my external burner.

You may have to reinstall dvdcrypter to get it to recognize the drive again.

So I uninstalled and reinstalled DVD Decrypter and still nothing. It still won’t recognize my Drive E / External DVD Burner. I have no idea what to do. The burner is only a couple months old and has been working fine so I can’t imagine there is anything wrong with it, expecially since the computer recognizes it and assigns it Drive E. Are there any other (free) programs like DVD Decrypter that do the same thing that I can try instead? Or what else should I try to do? Thanks.

Yes. Try ImgBurn.

Contrary to what others might think-drives do go bad early in the life cycle; it is not impossible. The fact that the controller in the drive is talking to the operating system is not a sure sign that all is well with the Laser and other components. If you can open the drawer-try using some canned air to blow it out inside-could be a dust problem. If you have completely removed the device via Device Manager and done a reinstall, then I would guess a bad drive. On the software side-you can try a full uninstall of ALL burning programs. This may require you to go into the Registry (very dangerous) and remove the references there as well. This last thing should only be done by someone who really knows how! BTW: Did you unplug the drive using the Icon in the tray, if one was there to "safelyremove…"
Just some thoughts from someone who has been there.

. Oh, it is much more than just not impossible - it’s The Law. Look at the failure rates for anything made by Man. High at first, then drops and levels off, then climbs again near the expected end of life.

. I think you are on the right track.
. I’d try removing the drive from the enclosure and hooking it up straight to the ribbon cable in the computer.

You totally lost me on this. Please explain. Thanks.

When you say a bad drive, do you mean the physical burner or the software on the computer? Thanks.

Also, in reading through some of the other topics posted, I noticed someone who was having problems with the dvd burner being recognized was able to get it working again by uninstalling Nero. I do have Nero installed on my comp. Is it possible there is something in the program that is causing problems?

. I was vague on purpose; if it didn’t make sense, maybe you shouldn’t do it. :bigsmile: Not trying to be a smartass, but it’s one of those things where if you have to ask, …
. What I was suggesting was tearing the external enclosure apart, removing the drive, opening the computer and connecting the drive straight to the xIDE cable. If I was overly vague and you’re comfortable taking a screwdriver to your hardware, go for it. If you’re still lost, see paragraph 1. :wink: If the drive works when direct connected, the problem is most likely USB or enclosure.
. Just another clue and it might not be worth the effort.
. Sometimes it’s easier/faster/better to just re-install the OS and start from scratch. Especially if you’ve been tweaking things you didn’t fully understand. Been there, done that - I love to tweak and not knowing what I’m doing rarely slows me down. :doh: Since you’re trying to get rid of a problem, doing a clean install w/full format is the way I’d go.
. Maybe not the best option for you, but it will put everything back to a base state. Besides, most magazines recommend re-installing Windows every year or two, anyway.
. Since you’re using WinXP, there’s a good chance that any needed drivers will auto-install when you plug the drive in. If not, use the provided drivers and follow the install procedure. Add your burning apps, one at a time, until you either get to where you want to be or it fails. If it fails, you have a good point to start troubleshooting from. Document any variations from default installs (keep to an absolute minimum until you’re stable) in case you need to ask more questions.

. Just as a general rule of thumb, the fewer apps you have on your system doing the same thing, the better. If you don’t use Nero, by all means uninstall it - and any other audio/video/burning apps you don’t use. Then run a good Registry cleaner (I use RegSeeker) to clean out all the junk most programs leave behind. Probably be a good idea to clean out any junk left behind in <boot>:\Program Files, too.
. Come to think of it, a good Registry cleaning might go a long ways towards solving your problem. Worth a try.

So I uninstalled Nero, with no success. I have not been able to try Imgburn yet due to separate internet issues I am having. However, I did notice a few things I hadn’t noticed before. When I go into my computer, it does recognize the external burner and assign it Drive E. Previously, though, it had labeled it as a mass storage device. Now it just labels it as a removable disc or something of that sort. Not sure if that makes a difference. Also, in my computer when I try to double-click on Drive E / the burner, it prompts me to insert a disc even when there is already a disc in the burner. Thanks.

Windows recognises DVD burners, usb memory sticks & USB CD/DVD drives as External storage devices.

After it’s loaded the required drivers, and polled the device, it then assigns drive letters.

It’s a pity you’ve already uninstalled nero … that nero infotool log requested in the first reply would probably have saved all the hassles …
It’s amazing how many issues can be resolved just from experienced CDFreaks looking at the infotool log.