External burner needed...heres the situation



I’m currently deployed to iraq and internet time is limited. I’ve done the searching i’ve had to to do but have many questions.

I’m looking to get an external burner almost exclusivly for backing up my DVD movies. I currently have a memorex 16xdl external that is failing. I would preffer speed over quality, obviously as long is quality is semi-decent. I only use high quality media and quality playback devices so speed is most important. I usually burn dvd-r but i have no prefference with that either.

I have a Sony Vaio notebook with a p4 2.6 512mem usb/1394.

I’m leaning towards Benq but have no real prefferences, just based on some posts i’ve read. What external setup is most recomended? either internal burner with enclosure or external burner?


Hi :slight_smile:
The BenQ 164B is good but only offers USB. The Sony DRX810UL has both USB & FireWire.
BenQ 164B Sony DRX810UL
IMO the best option is the Sony crossflashed to the BenQ BE** series f/w.


If you’re handy with a screwdriver buy an external combo firewire/usb2 case like mine, a Ritmo. I’d also recommend either the Pioneer 110d DVD burner or the Benq DW1650. They’re both relatively cheap if you buy them OEM. The external cases are a cinch to install a drive into ( just connect 2 cables and screw up the case fittings) and overall you’ll save yourself some money. If you buy one and need a hand to put it together, PM me when you’ve got all the bits in front of you and I’ll walk you through the process…if a dumbo like me can do it, anyone can. BTW, keep safe over there mate. Too many d*heads with perverse ideas about honoring their religion running around with AK47s and plastique!
p.s. You might be able to re-use your previous burner’s case. Ask someone with technical skill in your unit if it can be easily opened up. Then it’ll just be a matter of purchasing the new drive and transplanting into your existing case.
Sorry about the poor typing and the PS…it’s 2.37am over here in Oz.


thanks for the responses.

Would the Sony DRX810UL flashed with benq f/w be a better option than a benq dw1650 in external case?

What read and burn speads could i expect? what one of these two options would be a better choice?

I tried searching but it either times out or its so slow finding a relevent post is impossible.



Really, the dW1650 is such a new drive I wouldn’t be worried about flashing firmware etc…just now. It’ll cost you less than the real-McCoy Sony drive and is every bit as good. As for speed, well, in my experience, (and I’ve got 3 external drives) you’ll have to live with slightly slower burns (8-10x) if you want to burn error and hardware-problem free. If you connect with USB2 you’ll find this not as fast as an internal connection via IDE. It’s just the nature of the beast. Firewire will be slightly faster, but still no match for IDE.