External burner - lg 5163 or benq EW162i?



is benq EW162i better then lg 5163? both are external burners.
I read that benq 1620 internal had a lot of problems. what about this external benq EW162i? did this one had any problems?




Both are good.

The disadvantage of external benq is that the working firmware (47L9) is several steps older than the internal one.


The internal model remains the same in the external model for both LG and BenQ.

I personally think it’s best to have a 2-bay or 4-bay or even 8-bay external case and buy internal drives separately.


if the external benq 162i model = internal benq 1620 then how come the firmware is different?
what about lg 5163? is its firmware same as that of lg 4163?


The modified firmware allows UMDA3 to compensate the losses of the USB interface.


GSA-4163B (internal) firmware = GSA-5163D (external) firmware, but you can’t use 5163 firmware in 4163 or 4163 firmware in 5163 (unless you use a modified firmware.)