External burner and a mac...basic questions

Greetings to all…

This is my first post and I must say this forum is a wonderful resource. Thank you all for making it so.

I have searched the archive looking for basic information about putting together an external dvd burner to use with my macs (1ghz TiBook and an aging G3 desktop). There are two parts to the question. First, is it as simple as buying the internal burner I want (either a Benq 1620 or an NEC 3520) and a decent external enclosure and putting them together? What would I be missing if I used an OEM burner…I assume its software and since the software that comes with the burner is for PC not mac it isn’t useful to me anyway…I am planning to buy Roxio Toast Titanium to use with these machines. I want to make the highest quality burns with the best media for purposes of longevity/archival-ness for photo files. (Already learned that I probably can’t go wrong with T-Y media for both cd and dvd – but if there are other suggestions I am totally open)

There is a sea of enclosures out there, which brand offers the highest quality and best marriage with either of the burners I am looking at?

Is there anything else I need to know around piecing together a burner and enclosure?

Again, very grateful for this space, this help and this entire resource. Its amazing.


p.s.: I am a working documentary photographer based in Boston and I am using cd/dvd’s to archive my work.

OK, first thing is to have a look around some dedicated mac forums and see what burners work with your OS (you didn’t mention if it was OS9 or OSX, find out exactly which one you have before looking for any compatable drives).

You also have to think about if you are connecting it via firewire or USB (Hint: use Firewire).

It’s not as easy as on a PC, as MACOS is very picky as what it will use, so look around first and be sure you know exactly what you are buying.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am completely aware of Firewire and its virtue. I did find in another resource that the G4 and G5 towers are using Pioneer burners and there is a rumour that the soon-to-be-announced G5 upgrades will sport DVR-109 burners as standard equipment. So I will head to Pioneer for the burner…now petera, do you have a Oxford chipset enclosure you would like to recommend?

Oh and isn’t everyone running OSX?



Well everyone should run OSX, but the net’s full of crazy people so you can’t be too sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Try here for a list of working Cd and DVD drives that are recognised on the mac and here for a pretty big FAQ for both mac related CD and DVD issues.

As for a particular chipset, I’m afraid not as I’m only going on others reports and none of my own.

Thanks Petera…

Those links are perfect!