External BTC1108IM writing 'probs'

I have the BTC1108IM with the latest firmware. The drive is writing fine all types of media BUT dvd video disks are unreadable in all other dvd players (laptops, desktop pc’s, stand alone dvd-players e.t.c.) The BTC drive where the disks where written reads them with no problems at all. The disks are FUJIFILM 03 (dvd-r disks). Also it records successfully the dvd+r disks wich can be played in any dvd drive…!!!

the real question is what is going on with the dvd-r disks???

The question is what software have you used to burn & author them and also what media have you used?!

Problem Solved. The problem was the software. I was using Nero 6 after backed up the disks in my HDD with DVDShrink. Tried with Sonic recordNow and all disks could be read on any dvd-player (after doing the same procedure: backup in HDD with DVDShrink).