External Blu Ray Writers

I am looking to buy an external USB blu ray writer so that i can back up some of my movie collection. i already bought an incorrect one. it’s just a reader and not a writer, so i have found three others that appear to be writers and i was wondering if anyone had any insight, recommendations or has a preference of the ones i am about to list. my only requirements are that it must be external, USB and preferably reasonably priced. thanks!

Asus USB 2.0 Slim External 6x Blu-Ray Writer SBW-06C1S-U $194.99


Sony Slim External Blu-Ray Rewriter 6x USB BDX-S500U $194.99

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if a slim drive is mandatory for you, then get the Sony since it comes with a PSU and therefore complies with the USB specs. The Asus is not USB 2.0 compliant.

The other option might be buying an internal “Half-Height” (i.e. Desktop) drive and put it into an external enclosure. Such a solution is more robust, but there is always hte risk of compatibility problems.


thanks! slimline isn’t mandatory, but i’d like to hold it to around $200.00. the other unit i looked at was a

Buffalo Technology MediaStation 6X Portable Blu-Ray Writer BR-PX68U2/BK $192.00

i bought a Plextor PX-B310U BD Combo Super Multi Drive only to find out it read blu ray but didn’t write it. ugh!

BTW… in looking at the Asus tech specs, it shows the following:

Technical Details
6X normal Blu-ray write speed
Ergonomic Design - BlueTuner software provides brightness adjustment - Space-saving design with a detachable stand
Magic Cinema Technology - Experience true to life 3D / HD video content - Transform 2D/DVD video contents to 3D/HD video instantly - Crisp audio for Dolby Digital EX and DTS-HD
Disc Encryption for password protection

Is that incorrect?

Yes, the Asus drive is connected via USB also, but it does not meet the requirements for USB 2.0 standard compliance.
I am pretty sure you do not like your USB ports being overloaded by 200%.


Thank you! Don’t understand all that…like how it would overload it and the dangers associated with it… how you determine if a unit is USB compliant… that sort of thing… but i’m glad you do and shared it with me. :slight_smile:

It’s rather easy. By specs, an USB port has to deliver 500mA @5V if demanded by the device. A slim optical drive needs typically up to 1500mA which is triple of the power an USB port has to deliver by spec.

What can happen due to this overload:

[li]unreliable operation [/li][li]device does not work[/li][li]worst case: destruction of the USB port[/li][/ul]

The only way to get around this is to feed additional power by means of a separate power supply unit.
So, any external optical drive without additional power supply is violating the USB specs. You can not expect reliable operation from such a device.


That’s a great explanation! Thank u very much!

You’re Welcome :slight_smile: