External Blu Ray works on one computer, not others

Hi everyone, big time reader, first time poster. I hope you can help me with this problem. I own a Matshita BD CMB UJ-120, its a slim laptop drive.

I bought an external usb 2.0 case for it.

Now, it works fine on the usb on thios laptop I am on. Its running windows home vista x64.

The other two it wont work on.

  1. It wont recognize blu ray discs at all.
  2. It wont see the directory structure of blu ray.
  3. When I right click on it and choose properties I get the following…

OS: Windows XP Media Center SP 3 (driver list from this PC)


OS: Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP1

Type: CD Drive
File System: Unknown

The drivers loaded are…

Afc.sys (Arcsoft)
AnyDvd.sys (Slysoft)
cdrom.sys (Microsoft)
imapi.sys (Microsoft)
psebdr.sys (Panasonic Shikoku Electronics Corp)
PxHelp20.sys (Sonic Solutions)
redbook.sys (Microsoft)
storprop.dll (Microsoft)

That seems like a lot of drivers, considering when its connected to this pc all I get is cdrom.sys and anydvd.sys.

I have tried this on both other machines with other operating systems.

I cant get it to even show a directory structure, which even if these PC’s didnt have the power to play blu ray, they would at least read the disc and or directory structure. The directory structure on this system shows as UDF.

System specs for each pc.

Windows XP

AMD Athlon 64 3800+
nVidia GeForce 6200
80gb SATA
3gb DDR2 533

Windows Vista x64

AMD Athlon 64 3800+
nVidia GeForce 7300 LE
80gb SATA, 500gb IDE, 1tb sata
4gb DDR2 533
Abit AH-MN Motherboard, flashed with latest bios and latest drivers.

Now, I just cant figure this out, I have installed Anydvd, Powerdvd 8, Roxio Suite, DVDFab, the 2.5 udf files, everything!!

Ive been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why I cant at least get the directories showing, at least getting it to see I got a blu ray in the drive.

I dont care if I need to uninstall everything and run a registry cleaner and start from the beginning.

Can anyone please explain how to do this? I mean I got it running on this machine running 64 bit vista, but cant get it running on 32 or 64 bit xp or vista on anything else but this machine.

I even installed the codec packs too klite and other things, I have tried everything. please help me.

Unless I’m mistaken, you have to install new drivers for the drive to function. By default, windows doesn’t have the drivers necessary to support Blu-ray drives.

Bluray Drives are supported by WinXP, however, Bluray discs use UDF 2.5, and this is NOT supported by windows XP.

To have UDF2.5 (bluray) discs detected & read by WinXP, you will need to install a program which incorporates these UDF 2.5 drivers … like AnyDVD-HD

I have anydvd installed, I did the left click install on the ini file for the udf 2.5 drivers, installed cyberlink dvd, everything I can think of. This is on both a win xp 32 bit and vista both 32 and 64 bit. It sure is a strange problem, gonna try windows 7 next.

Should I install the blu ray player before these programs? Or wait till I have the programs installed then hook it up?

If you hookup the Bluray player, it should detect the bluray drive … and work for CD’s & DVD’s.

After installing the programs, you will likely need to reboot your PC, before you will be able to use Bluray discs.

AnyDVD is for DVD’s … AnyDVDHD is for DVD, Bluray (and HD-DVD) - Only anyDVDHD has udf2.5 drivers included, I believe.

In the Disk Manager, does the drive letter assigned to the new bluray drive conflict with any network drives, or not been assigned a drive letter?:expressionless:
Right click my computer->Manage->Disk Management.

Here is a pic of the properties and my computer and other stuff.

Notice the areas in red, its saying BD Drive, plays CD’s and DVD’s but PowerDVD and AnyDVD wont recognize ANY Blu Ray disc. All the ones I tried are seen on my laptop when its connected.

All programs either say no disc in drive (PowerDVD) or device not ready (AnyDVD).

Second Image is showing it with Resident Evil Blu Ray in the drive, which is recognized on my laptop.

Pic 3 is of the driver list for the drive.

Maybe I need to update my usb 2.0 drivers?

The name shown doesn’t mean anything. The fact that it will only read CD and DVD, would seem to indicate you don’t have the UDF 2.5 drivers installed as noted above.