External Blu Ray Enclosure

PC recently died, so I invested in a i5 laptop, but I have a newish Pioneer BDR-206DBK internal burner that I would like to keep using,
Anyone recommend a good external enclosure/caddy pls ?
Would like USB 2, e-sata, hot swap and a fan if poss,
Any help would be great,

Well there are a few to choose from. From cheap to fairly expensive, so I guess it depends on what features you want, but I think a cheap one will do the trick.

Newegg link

Had my eye on the Vantec enclosures, but they are very hard to get hold of here in UK, only stockist I’ve found so far, wanted about £75, delivered, which, at a guess is well over $100, I’ll try emailing Vantec,
Thanks Eric

Forget about hot-swapping, honestly.

[QUOTE=chef;2597406]Forget about hot-swapping, honestly.[/QUOTE]

I have, two burners on a system will do me fine,
e-mailed Vantec, who said they have no suppliers in UK for 5.25" enclosures,
so i ordered the Sumvision Tempest from Amazon, plastic n cheap, USB 2 & e-sata, but it works OK, so im told, but am not going to be using it everyday, got a Samsung Burner to sell now.