External BenQ EW1621 Problem



Hello, this is my first post, you guys really know what your talking about so I decided to register.

OK, so I have had this drive for a few months now and I just started burning DVD’s. Now I was burning my 4th DVD and there was an error, so I went to burn it again and my drive was unrecognizable by my computer. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, update drivers, etc… but still no recognition. I noticed a message saying that my high speed device will not be as fast if I don’t use a high speed usb host controller. And in device manager/properties my drive is there as a “mass storage device” but it says “Device cannot start, code 10”. Is there any way I can continue to use it like before (even though it took 3 hours to burn dvd’s) without going out and buying a USB 2.0, I am pissed that is just decided not to work on my original USB ports as it was working fine. Please help.

P.S. Is :a intel 82801ba/bam usb universal host controller high speed?


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IIRC intel 82801ba/bam southbridge only supports USB1.1, this is ofcourse not enough for DVD burning.
Visit this M$ page for error messages explanations.

I suggest you to add a PCI-to-USB2 card if you wanna problemfree burns. And even then 16x burns are most probably unachievable.

Sorry about your problems. :sad:


Thanks for your help, but I am having problems. My computer doesn’t seem to have an empty pci slot. I bought the card and realized I can’t use it. Any alternative to this? I saw a hub usb 2.0 but I think it is useless withouth the actual 2.0 port, I’m stumped. :doh:


Anyone, please help. Is there any way to get this drive to work on my 1.1 USB ports?


ok so i have been researching this all day and found out that i can still use my drive on a 1.1 usb port but with slow speeds. thats cool but why is it not working anymore??? Thanks in advance.


Sorry to say, but the drive won’t burn any good when connected to USB1.1 controller…

Max speed with USB1.1 is ~12Mbits/s IIRC. This is equal to approx. 1.4MB/s (theoretical) and the lowest burning speed with EW162I is 2.4x, ~3.2MB/s.


ok, but what about the drive working just to watch DVDs at all, I don’t see why it wont even be recognized anymore, I didn’t change any drivers or anything it just stopped being recognized. I just want it to read cd’s again…


I hope you understand there will be severe compatibility problems when you have/had your drive connected to USB1. See it like putting a Yugo engine in a truck.

Error code 10 (in device manager) indicates your chipset USB driver got corrupt. Don’t know if this will work but you can try to update Intel 82801 chipset/mobo drivers.

Don’t think you ever will be able to watch DVD troublefree with that setup. Read/write CD’s might work at very slow speed (~8x).


ok thanks, i will try that.


didn’t work, what about restore?


how about updating the drivers to my dvd drive? I tried that but all i could find is firmware which needs the drive to be recognized in the first place, is there any way to get the actual driver filles in a folder???


c’mon guys. I have read that you can use 2.0 devices on 1.1 ports but they would just work slower. I am fine with that, but for it not to work at all is killing me!


Hello everybody, I’m new here, but I already found a thread somewhat related to my problem:
I also have problems with this external DVD burner: I use it via a PCI/USB2.0 interface card, on a PC based on a chipset VIA KTI133 motherboard fitted with a 1GHz Athlon, and running under WinXP.

I can’t even read the DVDs or CDs I put in this external drive, the explorer looks at it, starts to read the content, then… nothing more happens, and windows just stops there, the only cure is a hardware reset… :sad:

Any explanation, or cure for that? I heard that my machine could be too slow to work properly with the benq ew1621 :confused: , is it possible?


Hi, and welcome to the forum.

If you have access to another computer with a USB2 port, connect the drive to that to see if it displays the same symptoms. If it does, then most probably the drive is faulty. If you haven’t got another PC to test it, install the latest Via chipset drivers. For Windows XP, go there:


You can try downloading and installing the latest Hyperion driver first, however the 4 in 1 driver may be more appropriate for your system because you have an older chipset. Try them both and see if it makes a difference. Before installing a new driver make sure you uninstall any existing VIA chipset driver from Add/Remove programs, and reboot before installing the next one. Also make sure you use a decent USB2-compliant cable to connect your drive to the card. Even older USB1.1 cables should be OK with USB2, but it’s best to buy good quality cable that is branded as USB2 just to be on the safe side. If all that fails, you could have a defective drive, but you can’t really say unless you try it on another (and preferably newer) computer. Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot for the answer and link. I’ll try to go with the 4 in 1 and see what happens :wink:


ok, I followed your intructions, looks like I have no luck on this one, at first it looked encouraging, and then I tried to open a jpeg… and it crashed again :frowning:

The PCI/USB card works fine with other peripherals, the cable is the one provided from benq and is well connected, so I guess I most probably have a faulty drive, hope I can get reimboursed…


Just take it back and tell them it’s faulty, if you purchased it recently you shouldn’t have any problems getting a new one. If they tell you that you need to send it back to BenQ do not accept this, at least not straight away, this should be your last resort. Remember that most shops and online vendors are obliged to refund or replace faulty items under the 1 year guarantee period, without you having to deal directly with the manufacturer. At least this is the legislation in the UK where I live. Be assertive, if they give you a load of crap make sure you make a fuss, you should have certain statutory rights which may vary depending on the country you live in. If you live in the UK have a look at these links:


Good luck!


Thanks for the encouraging words! :wink: the law is quiet the same here in Germany.

I bought it last year and the one year guarantee period comes to an end in 2 weeks, the bad thing is that I can find all the element of the package, except the original packaging itself, do you think they can refuse to refund me because of this?

Anyway I’ll take my chance, hope it will be ok, but I think this drive is not anymore for sale now, if I can get another drive I’ll take an internal one, given my configuration, which one would you recommend?

Thanks again!


Noone should expect you to keep empty boxes for a year. I’ve changed various gadgets in the past without the box. Some shops may be funny about it, some other shops may say to you that their policy is to refund or exchange products within so many days from purchace. This is rubbish, specific company policies should not affect your statutory rights (I know this to be true in the UK but I’m not sure for Germany). Here in England, usually all you have to say is the two magic words: Trading Standards. If they try to refuse you a refund or exchange and you report them to Trading Standards, they can be fined. But again, I don’t know if this is true in Germany.

I’d go for a BenQ DW1650 or DW1655, these two are identical apart from the fact that the 1655 can burn LightScribe.

Some basic tips for trouble-free burning:
If you get an internal drive, make sure you connect your new drive to the secondary IDE port on the motherboard preferably on its own, and set as Master (you have to change the jumper pin at the back of the drive to the Master position).

Use a decent, good quality UDMA4 cable, don’t go cheap with things like cables or discs (especially with discs!). Verbatim x16 DVD+R is the media I usually go for as it produces very good results with my BenQ drives. Although it is x16 media, it’s best if you burn them at x12, this speed produces the best balance/compromise between quality and burning time.

Make sure you leave your computer alone until burning is finished. Also make sure that your hard drive(s) are defragmented, and that your DVD burner is recognized as UDMA2 in Windows Device Manager (UDMA2 is for BenQ drives, other brands like LiteOn drives operate in UDMA4 mode).

These steps are essential on an older system like yours to ensure decent burns. Once you finish, do some quality scans with Nero CD/DVD Speed and share them with the rest of us. Hope all goes well! :cool:


CyberMan969 gave you some good advices regarding what internal burner to choose and burning. :slight_smile:

But I have to warn you. VIA Apollo KT133 based mobos are some of the worse when it comes to handle modern high speed optical drives.
Don’t even think of connecting a BenQ DW165* (or any other high speed burner) on secondary IDE channel because it’s in most cases nogo, no matter what type of IDE drivers (or cable) you use.
The solution with KT133 mobos is to connect your HDD’s on secondary IDE channel and opticals on primary channel if you ever wanna have good burns at 12 or 16x speed.

My suggestion is to first get a decent home (ie. new computer) for your coming drive. :smiley:

BTW, there is (yet) no need to use a 80 conductor IDE cable (made by “chin chaou wou” in China) with BenQ DW165* drives. Just make sure you have a good high quality cable, regardless if it is only 40 conductor (ATA-33/UDMA2).