External and Internal Burners used together



Is it possible to burn 2 movies at once using the disc image for a hard drive to an internal dvd burner as well as an external dvd burner at the same time?
thanks guys.


yes it is…i often burn 3 copies of things simultaneously using 2 internal Plextor PX-716As and one PX-708UF connected via USB2 or FireWire using Nero Burning ROM (with “Use Multiple Recorders” checked)

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what version of Nero is good to use?


i always recommend the most recent…which is…




no problem…

just a reminder that when burning to multiple recorders, you are limited to the speed of the slowest drive/disc (i.e. one 16x burner and one 8x burner will then both burn at 8x)…

good luck…