External adapter

Hello. Would PIF/PIE scanning with BenQ DW1640 work if I buy jMicron JMB36X chipset adaptor? Has anyone tried?

JMicron controllers and optical drives do NOT get along well.

Are there any alternatives available to you?

Yes, a lot of them, but I don’t know what chipsets they use. Which one is the best that I should search for? This is the link: http://www.okazii.ro/cautare/ide+usb.html?fuzzy=0&autoc=write

And just out of curiosity, is the JMB36x-based connector you suggested an internal PCI or PCIe card, or an external USB bridge?

I know you said external adapter, but I didn’t know that JMicron chipset was available for external devices.

JMicron’s controller issues have been known for a long enough time that, even if you do have a problem, you might be able to find a solution. At the very least, you would know what to look for and you could return it, if things didn’t work out.

It’s external USB - SATA/IDE adaptor.
This one: http://www.okazii.ro/periferice-multimedia/hdd-extern/usb-sata-ide-adaptor-profesional-hdd-dvd-rw-laptop-a121897194
The seller said it uses that JMicron chipset.
So should it work, should I buy it (if you say that anyway I will find a way to make it work for PIF/PIE then I’ll buy it)?

Most of the problems seen with the JMicron controllers & optical drives have come from using them inside a computer, solved with either different drivers or an updated BIOS.

This is a USB version of that. You shouldn’t have an issue. Maybe you’ll have to search for a better driver, but that’s unlikely.

Unless you could ask other vendors what chipsets they have, this might be your best bet. And it should work.

Ok, I bought that one. When I’ll have it I’ll tell you how it works.

So, how well does it work??

It works, all my DVD drives worked with it and the iHAS124 can scan PIE/PIF/Jitter without problems.

Good, good. Glad to hear it.

I bought one of these:

Overall I’m satisfied with it.
It will read or write a DVD fine. At least so far on 3 different computers.

The Samsung I have in it doesn’t do scans .
It also won’t write an Audio CD -R althought it reads them.
It will also write a data CD-R .
Its’ chip is a Prolific Technology PL2506 .

I have almost the same Samsung as an internal as well.
The difference is the internal is older but the difference is supposed to be just a number change.
It will do scans except for Jitter. My understanding this is the same for all Samsung drives.

I got a problem: my IHAS (sata) doesn’t get power now with this adapter… My H42N and DRU810A (both IDE) work, but the IHAS gets no power. I believe it could be either the drive (I got warranty, but it’s unlikely it is dead as it’s not old, but maybe it was damaged in some way?), or the adapter (unlikely as the other drives work, but maybe only the Sata stuff is defective). What can I try? Please help, I…need…scanning… :sad:

Which adapter did you get?

The jMicron JMB36X chipset adaptor. IDE/Sata to USB. This one: http://www.okazii.ro/periferice-multimedia/hdd-extern/usb-sata-ide-adaptor-profesional-hdd-dvd-rw-laptop-a128324675


Yeah, maybe the drive just doesn’t like the power supply setup, or maybe the cable to convert from the old Molex connector to the SATA power is defective. I don’t know where you would find a replacement Molex-to-SATA power adapter, but maybe another kit dedicated to SATA drives would guarantee a proper supply of power to the SATA drive.