External 5,25" firewire tower for multiple dvd-burners (Oxford chipset) fw800



I’m looking for an external firewire box/case/tower that would:

  • hold at least 4 x 5,25" internal optical burners
  • use Oxford series chipset
  • support Firewire to Parallel ATA bridgeboards (so I can use standard PATA burners)
  • Firewire 800 Mbit/s standard (IEEE1394b) is a bonus, not a must
  • For sale within EU

Anybody know of such a tower/case?


I know a South Korean maker but I doubt you would want one because of very high cost. Maybe there are cheap products in China or US. A bridge board plus a very stable power supply for 4 to 16 ODDs would be very good for me, maybe something to ask about to someone later. :slight_smile: I have 2 * 2 USB/IEEE 1394 cases for ODDs so it’s just as well as having one 4-device case. :slight_smile:


Found one:

Stardom / RaidSonic U7-4-WA

For sale in Germany:

Pretty expensive, but at least it doesn’t look like crap. Apparently the fw800/IEEE1394b model isn’t out in Europe yet (U7-4-WB).

Another, cheaper option could be:


But that’s too ugly for me to place on table :slight_smile:


Could someone please update this thread??? The links are expired and I still need a case!!