External 3520A vs Internal

I am thinking about purchasing an external USB 2.0 enclosure for my 3520A burner so it can be more portable, ie take it with me to my brother house and use it there. I am curious if there are any performance or other problems with doing this? I would like to do it but want to know what the drawback and ramifications are of doing so. I assume none, but just want to make sure.

Also are there any issues with having this mounted vertically instead of horizontally?


i failed to hit 16x on Prolific firewire casing. much less to say USB2

i could not get over 13x with my maddog16x (3500) and that was with it as the ONLY usb device. with a UPC, webcam and usb printer it was not above 10x. i swapped my 8x internal with the 16x and the 8x is fine since it never even gets close to bumping up against the limits

That’s funny, because I can get 16x fine with prolific 3507 chipset on both usb2.0/firewire. USB2.0 will drain your cpu more than the firewire, so try using firewire if you have the combo chipset like 3507. I don’t think other vendor chipsets come close to prolific, though.

BTW, my system is AMD64 wini 3000+ running at 2.52GHz with SATA RAID 0.

mine isn’t… it is a 1.8ghtz celery 768ram 120 and 200 gig win2k 3500, 1633 and 2500 external now