External 1640 Slow Rip

I’ve just bought a Benq 1640 and using it externally with a laptop via USB2. I have it in a Prolific PL-3507 housing(SumEVision).

When I try to rip any DVD/DVDR, I can’t get above 0.6x on the rip.

I’ve previously had a Pioneer 107 - that used to rip fine.

I tried the Benq with a Cypress based chipset - the Benq isn’t even detected. I’ve used the Prolific housing with a Pioneer 109, however whilst the rip was fine, on the burn I consistently got ‘The Semaphore Timeout Period Has Expired’.

I’m trying to rip with DVD Decrypter.

Further confusing the matter, the 109 would only rip at full speed when I had Medions 1.17 firmware installed.(It comes from a Medion).

Does anyone have ANY idea what may cause this?



As an additional, I’ve just installed SmartRipper - this started ripping fine - at 7.4x

Could this be an issue with DVD Decrypter somehow?

The 1640 has known Read issues. Do some searches and you’ll get to read those threads. I generally use my 1640 for burns/scans and the other LiteOn drive for reading/ripping.

Using MediaCodeSpeedEdit with BenQ 1640 you shouldn’t have any problem with ripping speed. I am usingmy 1640 for ripping and NEC for burning. The BenQ 1640 with MCSE is known to be a excellent reader and ripper as far as speed concern.