External 160GB Maxtor - 49.99 AR

Haven’t been buying or keeping up w/ stuff lately, but now I’m looking for an external HDD for my Dad, this one is the cheapest (per Gb) I found @Circuit City 49.99 after $40 savings and $30 MIR:

sounds like a good deal?

Dollar wise yes. But in my experience and my friends experience, Maxtors are notorious for failing.

There was an Iomega 320Gb external for 40 bucks after rebate on Buy.com. Its sold out now, dangit

I read a lot about maxtor failing, but I never personally experienced it. Anyhow, this is the older model of maxtor, before the seagate taking over, and most folks have high failing rate with them. I have 200gb maxtor, enclosed in an external case for my lappy, using via firewire port. I abused it big time and still not failing yet, I have it over 3 yrs already. I download things off newsgroup, I average over 20 gb downloading a day. I unzipped those big movies files and watched it then deleted it. So download, unzip, and delete at least 20 gb every day for the past 3 yrs and still no problems. My dad desktop has a maxtor as well, 200gb also, no problems so far, got it for $39.99 AR at Frys 2 yrs ago and no problems, but of course his desktop has light use unlike me, I abuse it everyday.

I have 7 Maxtor HDDs from 15GB PATA (ya know how old that is) to 200GB SATA and have not had 1 fail yet. I did drop one 40GB from about 6 feet high to a concrete floor and it is still running but has a lil tick to it. I don’t keep anything valuable on it, just rip to it then burn and then delete all the stuff when no more room to rip. :toast: :beer:

I rather not to bother with MIR.

How is Circuit City with their rebates?

I have had two of these drives (Maxtor 160’s) and one Maxtor 200 GIG for about a year now and have had no problems at all with them. Use one of them on a daily basis. Was able to get them for about $49 (no rebates) at Radio Shack where they often have sales on these drives. The 200 G was a bit more - $69 I believe.

they are very good with rebates, never had any problems

yep, they are pretty good and fast too