External 110D (USB) reading NOT writing


My external DVR DV110D does not write/burn. It is recognised by my Fujitsu Lifebook notebook once it is plugged in & reads fine. When I go to burn, it stops at the 3% mark and throws an error - Device Not available (referring to the Pioneer drive).

Appreciate any solutions and/or suggestions.

Thanks. :confused:

You need to update the firmware for the chipset of the external enclosure. Then update the firmware for the drive, latest is 1.37.

There’s nothing on the external enclosure’s website about updating firmware or indeed anything about chipsets???

How does one update the firmware for the drive? I’ve found the dowload to 1.37 on the pioneer website but haven’t read any threads on upgrading firmware (sorry!).


Just run the .exe file that you downloaded.

The firmware updating procedure is explained on any Pioneer support site!

I have the same problem but my drive is DVR-A09XL with latest firmware.

i think its because of underpowered USB ports on my shuttle. I am going to get a USB Hub tomorrow and give that a shot.

the drive that I have (pioneer A09XL in External Caddy) works fine on my friends laptop.

So I did some further testing the USB on my comp can’t power a External HDD 2.5" but his laptop can! so I guess its something to do with Underpowered USB.

Hey chef, I think this forum needs a sticky with these common problems explained in laymans terms and written on the 4th grade level :smiley: .

You mean for the flashing especially??

Happy New Year!

How did you check the power of the USB to find out it couldn’t handle an external HDD 2.5"?

I have a 5.25" external subsystem from Bytecc (w/ a DVR-110D) and I get the same error (Device Not Available).

Did you ever find a way to get it working?

Maybe try with Everest tool.