Extern. Plextor 708A USB1-2 Laptop Question

Hello Fellow Freaks,
Quick question. I just put together another BYTECC external kit for my Plextor 708A DVD burner that has two firewire and one USB port in rear. I have another BYTECC external of the exact same make and model with a 160g WD HD onboard. My Gateway 600-XL laptop is only USB 1.1 compliant (which is remarkable for a new $3000 laptop!) and only has one firewire port which is being used by the BYTECC WD HD. I am assuming that trying to burn using USB 1.1 would be fuitless ?? and there for need to upgrade my laptop with a PCMCIA USB combo firewire/USB 2.0 PC card adapter to be able to take advantage of the 708A’s top burn and read speed? (if so can you reccomend one? Gateway support tryed telling me that there was only ONE card that would work with my laptop and they just happen to carry it! Haaaa. That card is known as the STARTECH 3 Port Ultra Fast Card Bus PCMCI-A USB 2.0 PC Card Adapter. Do you guys think they was just trying to “sell” me one of there supported products or do you think what they said might really be true? I should think there no differnce as far as brand name goes as long as it’s PCMCIA USB2?)
ALSO: It seems to me that I have read somplace that you can “Daisy Chain” these external drive kits? If that is true couldn’t I just daisy chain my 708A’s external to my WD HD external and expect any kind of preformance or even expect for it to work at all?

My question then is “taking into account the above information what would you guys do if it were you?”
I’d appreciate your help and look forward to listening to anything you have to say on the subject or any advice you might have to offer.

The B-man

I dont know where in the world you live, but in the UK you can get a PCMCIA 2 port USB 2 card for under 12 GBP (about 20 US dollars).

Have a look here.

I live in Toledo Ohio there petera!
We’re pretty dim witted round here don’t yeah know. But, I guess my question had more to do with that support dude telling me only “one” buss card will work with my laptop (though I’m dim witted my common sence tells me he’s fulla crap) and my question regarding “daisy chaining”

But thanks for the price quote petera, Gess if they are that cheap I’ll buy hub too!


Yeah, he’s full of crap.
But as all of us on here know, you can’t be a expert on everything so don’t punish yourself :slight_smile:

If I remember right, you can (in theory) daisychain 128 devices on each USB port. It was shown off one at the one of the big computer shows quite a few years ago, but I think that’s the only time it was done!

Useually it’s one device per USB port (and thats why USB hubs are so popular).

You said you have a firewire builtin to your laptop. I would attach the DVD via Firewire (1394a). With Firewire you daisy chain devices together. That is LAPTOP to DEVICE to DEVICE to DEVICE etc. etc.

That why there is two 1394a ports on the case (1 in, 1 out)…

the 708a (=internal)? dont you mean the 708UF (external usb version)? because I’ve tried to connect the internal with an IDE to USB2 connection and that doesnt work because plextor build some security in it (so people would have to buy the external version…)

can it be done?

problem solved, works after all…

unplugged everything, tried different usb ports, now it recognizes it!