Exterior Maintenance


I am wondering if there is a way to keep my drives from changing color. Or maybe something to clean them.

I attached a picture … you can tell which drive is the oldest as the color goes from beige to almost yellow… Should I start buying black bezels?

I’ve seen some “case whiteners” in shops, but I highly doubt if they work, as the changing of color is caused by sunlight (UV radiation). You might want to try them, but I wouldn’t be wondered if they do nothing at all, or do more harm than they do good…

The best remedy is, to keep your system away from the sun. Another option is to paint it :).

Also, if you smoke around the system, that will cause this. The resin gets on the plastic and makes it look yellow.

that is probably what it is … Do you know if this affects black components as well?

Black fades if it is in a lot of sunlight; virtually it stays black.

That Plextor±RW is too old…get a new one or some bezels! :bigsmile:

My guess: UltraPlex Wide

I actually think these are pretty cool…says Lian Li, but I’m sure you can rig it somehow :slight_smile:


Cool… I like those universal cd bezels.

I got a reply from Plextor sales. Apparently they have black bezels available for the newer drives. I am also going to get a couple extra beige ones so it always looks new :slight_smile:


Have any of you seen those dvine series cases first hand?




the ultra plex is the oldest

Okay, I did some spring… errr. winter cleaning and got it handled.