Extents within copyright law for NPOs

With a non-profit, non-commercial institution (volunteer service, place of worship, common interest group, etc.), is it acceptable for a legally purchased music cd to be copied and used at other locations/chapters of said NPO? Points of relevance include:

  • Non-profit, non-commercial use.

  • Non-personal use both at headquarters (where the originals would reside) and local chapters/locations (music handlers at these locations will use the discs for the activities, but they never use for themselves or make copies for themselves).

  • The locations outside the headquarters are not independent entities; they are all local “offices” of the headquarters and as such are still the same institution (but invariably at separate physical locations e.g across states).

  • The instituition is US-based, and this would concern US copyright laws.

In the event it is not acceptable, does volume licensing exist for music CDs (like with software), where an NPO would be certified (say by record labels) to buy multiple copies at reduced cost, make copies in exchange for yearly license fees, etc.

Thanks ahead for all answers.