Extending recording time on dvd? and dual layer dvd question

hi i recently brought a internal lg dvd super multi dvd/cd rw gsa-h10n. but the dvd+r i brought are only 120min which is not enough. is there anyway to extend the recording time? oh and i found that dual layer dvd can extend the recording time up to 960mins which my dvd drive has a feature dvd+r double layer 10x and dvd-r dual layer 6x which i think i can record dual layer dvds so im wondering can my nero 6 ultra edition burn dual layer? how do i extend the record time on dual layer as it has standard play,long play extend play etc?
please help me
thanks for your help.

If I’m understanding you correctly…

What you want to do is put your movie through a compression program like DVDShrink (which is free and probly the most user friendly). Of course with the compression, you’re going to lose quality.

Have fun.

It would help if you could give a little more detail. What kind if video do you have, ie home movies that are avi, xvid, mpeg etc, or are you trying to fit a dual layer movie on a single layer disk? Also, what do you want it to be playable on. Do you want a standard dvd that can play on any dvd player?
Nerovision express (part of nero 6) can reencode video to get quite a bit more than 120 minutes of video on a single layer disk (I think the dvd format supports up to about 9 hours on a single layer disk). Video quality can suffer quite a bit if you try to pack too much video onto a disk though.
Nero recode can compress a dvd to some extent without reencoding (reencoding takes quite some time) and the quality loss is not that bad.
If you just want something that can play on your computer off a dvd, you could use divx, xvid, mpeg 4, nero digital etc. and burn it to a dvd as data. They have beter compression than dvd which uses mpeg 2 so they can get a lot more video with less quality loss. there are also select standalone dvd players that will play some of these formats (you dont get menus like dvd, just a file list), but you can hook them up to your tv and play disks with substantially more video on them. they are commonly refered to as multiformat players and are getting pretty common.
there also is of course the option of a computer used as a media server for your tv. Further, there are a few dvd players that can use an external hard drive (I recently found one for 30$ on clearance), and for the cost of an external hard drive and the player, you can have hundreds of hours of video. Some will also play formats like xvid from disk or hard drive (the one I got can).

What are you trying to do and do any of these options sound like what you want?

As other poster s have mentioned the DVD+/-R are only good for upto 120 minutes and D/L disc (8.45GB) is good for 4 hours of recording time unless you shrink your ripped video file which in that case you have compromised your video file quality.

The recording time refers to dvd-video compliant mpeg2 material.
However, you can change the “recording time” by choosing another resolution and bitrate of the material.