Extended Warranty On HDTV and 720 vs 1080



I am considering the below tv (and also some others)…

This question has only to do with warranty:

42 Panasonic 42" 720

Extended Warranty 2 year $129:


I notice this same tv is a about $50 cheaper at Circuit City (then the egg)…but then I would have to pay for delivery…(newegg has free ship on this item right now to my door).and I seem to remember the CC warrany was more expensive…probably a different company??


  1. Do you guys even consider buying the extended warranty?
  2. Are all the extended warranties about the same…or do you recommend a certain one?
  • If I buy at CC…I do have like 30 days I think to return to store.

One last question…if I go to the Pano 50" @720…is this still ok for a large unit like a 50"…or is a 50" too large for getting a 720…where is the pic quaity drop off?

I will be watching mostly SD content from cable…so it would seem 1080 would be a waste for me?


Anyone want to chime in IE where you bought your HDTV and if you purchased an extended warranty and if you had to use it…and did the extended warranty people do a good job in the repair…??

I may make a buy decision as early as tomorrow when the new local sales come out…so this would be nice information to go on.

I bought an extended warranty on my old big screen tv years ago and never had to use it…but it was a nice piece of mind. That was an Hitachi Ultravision (52 or 54 inch)…never had a problem with it until a couple years ago…bought in 1994.

Thanks for any input…

PS Any one buy their TV from an online merchant? I was wondering…as I was thinking of this…as the egg has always made good on any thing I have ever bought from them?