Extended Monitors


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Posted 7 hours ago
I have replaced one of the older Intel motherboards in one of my main computers in my study with an Asus F2A55-M LX motherboard and I can’t get extended monitors. All I get is mirrored.

I have found out that this Asus motherboard doesn’t support USB boot and now I am wondering if it does not support extended monitors also. It has VGA and a DVI-D ports and is a SATA 3 board. Can anyone tell me if my assumption that the board does not support extended monitors is correct.

I went to Control Panel, Appearance and Pesonalization, Display, Adjust Resolution and it does not give me the option to extend the monitors. I have clicked on both detect and identify. When I clicked on identify it only showed one monitor.

According to the Asus website the board has the latest bios.


Never mind, problem solved.