Extend 80 min cdr



is it possible to put more than 80 mins of live music on an 80 min cdr if yes can anyone tell me how to do it or what i need to put about 120 mins on one cdr i dont want to split it onto two cds thanks.


Yes, it is called overburning. The extra amount you can burn depends on the drive and the CD-R. You can check just how much in your case with Nero CD/DVD Speed: Extra menu -> Overburning Test … Typically it is 2-4 minutes over the 80min mark.

Enable overburning in your CD mastering program.

You cannot, not on a regular 80 min CD-R. You can find 90min and 99min CD-Rs, but those are typically low quality. Most CD players have trouble reading past 90 min anyway, so it looks like you will have to go with two discs.


Well, if you get your hands on a PlexWriter Premium or a Plextor 716A dvd burner, you might use the Gigarec option. However, as Never_Again stated, the discs often cause trouble in players if you want to get more than 80 minutes out of an 80 minutes disc. Especially portable a/o car players are a hazzle …