EXT I/O magic-Cross flahed to BW1655 won't recognize -R



Well I thought it was a succesful cross flash, I had the same problem years ago with my 1620 pro, Is there a fix, or am I screwed again. I’m at BCIB I guess there is no where else to go???


Well, not all crossflashes comes with satisfaction. :slight_smile:

What was your firmware revision before crossflash? Is this an external drive or a DW1655 drive you put in external enclosure? What media do you use?

There was a DW1620 revision having problem burning -R media, some drives even were reported dead at arrival.
Sorry if you had that sad experience because my DW1620 is still up and kicking, never had severe problems with -R media, not even now after more then 450 burns.


BCHB before, thats why I moved to BCIB, because it wouldn’t recognize. MCC 03RG20. It burned a couple of these then wouldn’t recognize them, VERY STRANGE… I’ll try some different -R media. This drive was a I/O magic External USB from Staples. Is there a way to reverse the flash to an earlier version of the same firmware?


I asked; “What was your firmware revision [B]before crossflash[/B]?” just out of personel interest. Never mind.

With BCB firmwares you can flash forth and back as much you like.
s WOPC parameters are very sensetive about disc quality and quite many here have problems, both on dash and plus media. I wouldn’t use that firmware.


Sorry about that, I don’t remember which firmware came with it. I have it written down somewhere, I’ll post if I find it. I have to flash another drive identical to this one, I’ll see what firmware came with that. Do you have a favorite firmware for this drive, I burn primarily Tayo Yuden (Fuji)4X-8X, and MMC (Verbatim) 8X, I prefer +R media, but I mix it up alot.


GCHB was the firmware from I/O Magic. I tried some other -R media laying around, and it was detected and read. Again, which firmware is the most stable?


Firmware is never stable or static. All modern drives have some kind of “learning” function, and learning is not always good, or say positive.

Not having a real DW1655 drive (although my Philips 1660P1 and Lite-On branded DW1650 run nice @DW1655 firmware), BCHB seems to be a well balanced and not that media sensetive firmware.

And please, don’t ask once again about what firmware is “best” because noone is able to give you a answer that suits your system, media or demands. You’ll have to find it out by yourself. :wink: