Ext. firewire drive drops conection,...why?

I’ve had this problem with my ext. PYRO firewire a/b WD 200g HD dropping connection. Icon vanish’s from My Computer. I can’t discover any particuler reason why it does this. All though it “never” does it while in actual use and seem’s to drop only while computer has been inactive for a few minutes

I use a rather odd firewire card too. My Chaintech ZENITH CT-7NJS ultra w/
RAID MB use’s a 1394 ACR Card instead of a PCI. Do we see a problem inherent with such cards? Is ACR a legacy device? Reliable?

What I’d really like to do is kill two birds with one stone and scrap the ACR if it’s trouble AND at the same time possably take advantage of my ADS PYRO Firewire “B” capability by installing a PCI 1394 b adapter into my computer?
But the thing is if I understand correctly I got to have a 64byte PCI slot on my MB to do this? Is this true? And if it is do we have a solution?.. Is ACR 32 byte? How can I add 64byte PCI capability without buying a new MB? or need I learn to spell the word’s MISION IMPOSABLE!
Your thoughts on this matter are very important to me and as always are
much appreciated .

The B-man thanks you guys for your assistence and advice.