Ext. Enclosure Burning Problem (LG 20x Super Multi Security DVD Rewriter)

[qanda]This thread is about the LG 20x Super Multi Security DVD Rewriter. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi everybody. I need some help about my annoying new external enclosured dvdrw burning problem.

I’m using an acer laptop (dual core 2.0 gHz, 2gb ram with Win Xp) and resulting from its own dvd writer’s low performance, i needed to have some more effective and faster writer. Firstly i had an IDE external enclosure and it worked fine. Then it broken down and i bought a new external enclosure, but this time a SATA case with sata dvdrw (LG). It seems to read cd’s/dvd’s well. But i cannot burn a dvd. Nero’s freezing, dvd drive doesn’t eject etc, even with low speeds.

So, i really need your help. I’m sure you’ve seen this problem before, and maybe there are some other topics with same problem (I searched but couldn’t find. Sorry if i opened same topic for the 2nd time or more). I will appreciate if you solve my problem or direct me to a same, solved problem topic. Thank you.

Enclosures and opticals can often be a pain. Is there a reason you chose SATA?

Maybe some help here.


No, actually kinda had to. It is a long story. Now I’m desperately trying to work it out. Would it be a solution to upgrading something (I don’t know what anyways)? Or can it be my OS? Should I change my OS to vista or win7 beta maybe? aww I’m helpless here :rolleyes: