Express Update? Help me Maine Man!



It appears that the latest Fab Gold and Platinum updates are available. How do the people that bought Fab Express update version Do we have to pony up and buy Gold now? Say it isn’t so!
Your old friend,


Hey cowboy, welcome back.
Versions are no longer updated, but fear not. Owners of the now “old” express or gold receive a free upgrade to gold v, whereas owners of platinum receive a free upgrade to the new platinum. While I loved the old platinum, you would have to pry the new platinum from my cold, dead, clammy hands…it’s an outstanding program.

You’ll have to use your original email address used for your original purchase.
Fengtao will send you a new regkey via this link:

Download the latest beta right here.

I think Fengtao was offering a discount to move from old express/gold to the new platinum…not sure about this though.



Thanks a million Maineman! I updated to Gold for free. Fengtao should put you on their payroll for saving everybody’s keesters on a daily basis.
Like a bunch of people, I had a little trouble with the update to the beta you referred me to. I kept at it and got it to work somehow. I don’t really know what happened there. Corrupt set up files?
I check in every now and then to read your posts. I’m thinking about starting a Maineman fan club! :bigsmile: